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Pakistani American Pharmacist Association
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Overall program
Program organization and format
Relevance to personal needs
Overall knowledge of topics presented
Overall quality of speakers’ presentation
Dr. Mei Chang
Dr. Azru Moosvi
Dr. Tooba Piracha
Dr. Fawad Piracha
Dr. Zachary Piracha
Value of discussion time
Course materials distributed
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Using the same scale as above, please indicate how well the following program learning objectives were met:

Summarize the antibiotic spectrum of commonly prescribed outpatient antibiotics
Apply strategies for interpreting positive urine culture results
Educate pharmacists about the different types of point-of-care testing (POCT) that can be performed at the community level
List and describe the steps of a pharmacist-led POCT appointment
Describe the basic process of specimen collection for POCT
Describe the steps for developing a pharmacy-based CLIA-waived laboratory
Review successful business models for POCT in the pharmacy
Recognize commonly occurring medication errors in the community pharmacy setting
List major reasons why medication errors occur in the community setting
Identify recommendations to reduce rate of incidence in medication errors
Identify the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease
Identify differences in types of dementia
Identify risk factors for AD
Discuss current treatment options, safety profiles and counseling points
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How would you rate your knowledge level of the subject matter discussed prior to the presentation(s)
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How would you rate your knowledge level of the subject matter discussed following the presentation(s)

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