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Pakistani American Pharmacists Association (PAPA) is a professional organization involved in promoting practice of pharmacy, education and research for the pharmacists of Pakistani heritage.Pakistani American Pharmacists Association (PAPA) was formed in 1980 in New York City to help pharmacists of Pakistani heritage in professional and social matters.


Pakistani American Pharmacists Association (PAPA) is a non-profit organization established in New York for the purposes of promoting education, professional and social aspects for Pharmacist of Pakistani Origin in United States of America.

The following are some of the objectives of our association:

  • Encourage and advance Pharmacists education.
  • Disseminate Pharmacists knowledge by providing interchange of information among Pharmacists and members of the association.
  • Assure a high quality of professional practice by establishing and maintaining a high standard of professional ethics, education and promotion of economic welfare.
  • Promote friendship, goodwill and communication among the members of the association.
  • Provide a united platform to the Pharmacists of Pakistani origin in the United States of America.
  • Perform health related assistance to the underdeveloped parts of the world including Pakistan.
  • Establish and co-operate with other Pharmacist organizations in the United States of America.
  • Foster trade, commerce and interest
  • Guide and help new Pharmacists.
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