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Saturday | November 18th 6:00pm

The last day to register at a discounted price is after that, you must pay the gate price.


Admission                      Till June 15          After 15
Member / Spouse                      $25.00pp                 $50.00pp
Members/Family or Guests       $40.00pp                $60.00pp
Non-Members                            $50.00pp                $75.00pp
Student                                       $10.00pp                $20.00pp

Mail Your Check
128 Manison Ave Yonkers NY 10704

Samar Shamsi-Rehman 9147-755-8428

Faisal Sultan 914-482-5534

Syed Nasimur Rahman 914-337-3780

Taiba Siddiqi 347-845-5094

Yacoob Noor 516-637-9643

Asghar Chohan 917-686-0246

Shahbaz Khan  207-299-5289

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