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Topic: Management of Tumor Lysis Syndrome in Pediatric Oncology Patients
Speaker: Vincent Tao Pharm.D
Learning Objectives:
1. Review the pathophysiology of tumor lysis syndrome (TLS)
2. Identify the risk factors and types of pediatric cancers that are at high risk for TLS
3. Discuss the management of TLS using both non-pharmacological and pharmacological

Topic: What is deprescribing and the role of pharmacists in deprescribing
Speaker: Ali Jilani Pharm.D
Learning Objectives:
1. Explain what deprescribing is and its relevance in pharmacy
2. Review patients at high risk for inappropriate prescribing and medications
3. Barriers and Facilitators to deprescribing
4. Explore tools and strategies for deprescribing
5. Role of pharmacists in deprescribing

Topic: Bye Bye, PPI: De-prescribing Proton Pump Inhibitors
Speaker: Ghania Naeem Pharm.D
Learning Objectives:
1. Discuss the guideline recommendations for the use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) in the
management of gastric acid-related conditions.
2. Review the pharmacology and characteristics of PPIs.
3. Evaluate the prescribing and de-prescribing data of PPIs from published clinical trials.
4. Develop strategies for implementing effective de-prescribing of PPIs as it relates to both
inpatient and outpatient settings.
5. Apply evidence-based literature findings to make recommendations for patient care.

Topic: Understanding Immunoglobulin Therapy
Speaker: Fawad Piracha Pharm.D
Learning Objectives:
1. Overview of indications for immunoglobulin therapy
2. Manufacturing and purification of immunoglobulin
3. Intravenous versus subcutaneous administration
4. Dosing of immunoglobulin
5. Relationship between dose, level, and efficacy
6. Immunoglobulin therapy for immunomodulation

Speaker: Elena Mercedes Rico Pharm.D Forms received
Learning Objectives
1. Explain trends in asthma prevalence, morbidity and mortality
2. Discuss the strategy for asthma treatment
3. Review the 2022 Updates from the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA)
4. Describe Role of Pharmacist in Asthma Education and Management

Topic: Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening and mt-sDNA (Cologuard®)
Speaker: Samad Tirmizi Pharm.D Forms received
Learning Objectives:
1. Recognize the paradigm of colorectal cancer burden reduction
2. Understand the mt-sDNA Test and its clinical Performance
3. Analyze the clinical application of the mt-sDNA test
4. Evaluate patient cases in relation to CRC screening option.

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