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PAPA and Micro Merchant invite you to Micro merchant User Group Meeting

DATE : Friday 12, 2019
TIME : 6:00pm

Note : Dinner will be Served
Dinner Time :  7:00pm


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  • PrimeRx 3.1.0 New Features & Functions:
  • Pharmacist eCare Plan & File/Deferred Rx Queue
  • Insurance DIR fee calculation on adjudication
  • Control file processing for multiple states, generate control error files for single/multiple states to a dedicated directory on regular time intervals.
  • Identify patients when pre-scanning prescription copies
  • Deduct inventory at drug pick verification & Capability to customize the real-time workflow
  • Newly Re-Designed My Patients Form Enhancements (analysis)
  • Self-Adjudication Plans & Visual route map on the delivery device
  • The ability for the pharmacist to confirm that the patient, prescriber and drug were reviewed & Top Performer Business report; view profit and loss leaders in the profit revenue report.
  • Create compound batches in advance Question & Answer session
  • Send your questions in advance at info@papausa.com


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